Defective Tire Cases

tire-tread-separationTire failures resulting from tread separation or a blowout can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle - often with catastrophic results.  A car or truck suffering tire failure can leave the roadway, roll over, or cross into the path of oncoming traffic, resulting in serious injury or death to the driver, occupants or other motorists.  Annually, more than 11,000 injuries and 400 deaths are linked to tire failure in the United States.

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SAMMONS & BERRY, P.C., represents injured workers and their families in injury and death cases arising from defective tires  ACROSS THE COUNTRY.  Our team of lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals are experienced in evaluating, investigating, negotiating and trying these difficult cases.  If you or family member have been injured or killed as a result of a defective tire – call or email us for a FREE case evaluation.  Our team of experienced attorneys will review the facts in your case and answer any questions you may have.