Hip Implants

hip-implant-5Thousands of people each year have hip replacement surgery.  Unfortunately, many individuals find out after their replacement that implant they received is prematurely failing and/or causing severe pain or other serious side effects.  If you are experiencing infection, swelling, implant dislocation or other painful side effects as a result of a metal-on-metal hip replacement, our team of lawyers are here to help.


Metal-on-metal hip devices were originally thought to be a more durable alternative to ceramic or plastic models, but some studies have shown that they may deteriorate faster, expose patients to high levels of metals such as cobalt and chromium, and fail at a higher rate than older implants.  In fact, approximately one in 12 recipients of metal-on-metal devices may require corrective surgery within five years of implantation.

In June 2012, the FDA held a two-day advisory panel meeting to discuss the thousands of adverse event reports received by the agency regarding metal-on-metal devices, results from medical studies and how to monitor the more than half million U.S. patients with metal hip replacements. As part of its investigation, the FDA “has asked manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer Holdings Inc. and Biomet Inc. to conduct long-term, follow-up studies of more than 100 metal-on-metal hips on the U.S. market.”


Among the side effects and complications that have been reported:

  • Severe pain
  • Tissue inflammation
  • Infection
  • Metallosis (metal flakes released into the bloodstream causing metal toxicity, pseudotumors, rash, necrosis or cardiac complications)
  • Rash, indicating necrosis (cell death around the implant manifesting as a rash and eventually causing the loss of local soft bone and tissue)
  • Osteolysis (wearing down and thinning of bones causing pain in the surrounding tissue and potential bone breakage)
  • Pseudotumors (a mass of inflamed cells that resembles a tumor but is actually collected fluids)


Our team of attorneys and paralegals are currently reviewing claims involving several different hip implants, including the following:

  • DePuy® Orthopaedics ASR XL Acetabular Hip Replacement System (implanted between 2005 and 2010)
  • DePuy® Pinnacle® Modular Hip Replacement System (implanted between 2001 and 2010)
  • Stryker® Rejuvenate
  • Stryker® ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stems
  • Wright Medical Technology Hip Replacements (Conserve®, Dynasty®, Profemur® and Lineage® line of products)
  • Zimmer Durom®Cup Hip Replacement Device


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